About Me


I’m John Guzdek, a twenty-six year old freelance copywriter and reviewer and part-time English teacher, originally from Leeds and now based in the heart of Europe in beautiful Prague.  Since successfully graduating from the University of Northumbria with a First Class BA Hons in History and Sociology in 2007 I have been building up a portfolio of freelance writing jobs for a range of happy clients.

I am currently engaged in a number of thriving, ongoing freelance writing projects. I have built up an archive of over two hundred well-received film reviews for an established movie website and over four years I have been writing focussed marketing copy for brochures, sales emails and websites for a reputable travel company. Also, in my spare time, I love to write travel articles to chronicle my wide travelling experiences from East Africa to Australia and many places in-between. I have even dabbled in model essay writing (God help me).

My part-time work as an English teacher complements the day job brilliantly as I am really getting to grips with the components of what makes really good writing as well as turning me into a member of the grammar police.

My job is to please you – I can be witty, serious, low brow, high brow, technical, or straightforward and, most importantly, I can write for any audience you choose. Deadlines are no problem, you can always be assured of a high quality end product to meet your specifications with a quick turnaround.